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InfoSec Influencers

Looking for new infosecurity influencers to follow? Tired of the same personalities on your feed? Unbound chose to shine a new light on 7 influencers with two of three characteristics in common:

  1. They have under 20,000 followers; or
  2. They cover infosec topics from new and innovative angles; or
  3. They cover multiparty computation (MPC) – our underlying technology, which could always use more time in the infosec spotlight.

Read on to discover our “hidden gems” for 2020.

Ben Rothke

Twitter: 9,258 | LinkedIn: 5,176

Ben is a senior information security and risk management professional. His career incorporates a successful track record across corporate and consulting roles, securing IT assets for numerous Fortune 1000 companies.

His areas of expertise include analyzing and providing cybersecurity, information risk, and regulatory compliance requirements to protect corporate data assets, business opportunities, security policy, and compliance initiatives such as PCI-DSS and ISO 27001.

He also writes on a wide variety of subjects, including risk management and mitigation, systems security, encryption, cryptography, security policy development, and regulatory issues in security and privacy.

Ryan Hurst

Twitter: 4,864| LinkedIn: 2,184

Ryan’s blog, “Unmitigated risk,” addresses out-of-the-box questions about security and privacy, e.g. whether safes are safe, as well as niche topics like network security and Public Key Infrastructure.

Adam Caudill

Twitter: 3,876 | LinkedIn: 393

Security consultant Adam Caudill’s blog attacks security issues from a variety of new angles.  Check out his feed and his blog for posts about ethical decisions for security researchers, his “insane ideas” series, and more.

Matthew Green

Twitter: 105,400 | LinkedIn: Unknown

Matthew’s tweets cover a variety of subjects, and his blog, Cryptography Engineering, covers cryptography principles and encryption protocols in-depth – with engaging photos and writing to match. Matthew is also unafraid to take a stance on various privacy-based legislations.

Arvind Narayanan

Twitter: 81,400 + | LinkedIn: Unknown

Arvind’s research covers a variety of subjects relating to infosec issues on their effect on society and privacy – and touches hot topics such as blockchain, AI, and the cultural impact of tech.

Tony Arcieri

Twitter : 17,600 | LinkedIn: Unknown

Tony’s feed covers blockchain, cryptography, and political current events. His blog covers infosec topics as well as specific topics on cryptography, Ruby, and Rust. All of his materials attack subjects with memes and a unique relatability for pleasant reading and engagement.

Dan Williams

Twitter: 487| LinkedIn: 19,351| Pinterest: 571

Dan Williams’ feeds are unique in his chosen form of medium: infographics – and are a delight for visual learners everywhere. Follow him to digest information about security topics from hacks to phishing to blockchain security.


What influencers did we miss? Let us know in the comments.