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How to Expedite SLED Move to Cloud

With the exponential growth in digitized content and the need to encrypt everywhere, authenticate anywhere – a cloud shift is top of mind for any organizations.  For SLED accounts however, they are met with the resistance of legacy processes and purchasing behaviors that limit an expedient cloud move.  A knowledgeable cloud or managed service provider can provide the added support needed for the IT decision makers they serve.  

Why is SLED Cloud Transitioning Slow? 

The reason State and Local Government and Education, typically known as SLED, is not transitioning to cloud services quickly enough is that it is a sector that is not known for its agility, quick shifts or timely adoption of many things – but in particular technology.  The lengthy, historical RFPs processes continue to exist and make it difficult to make an on-the-fly decision that could mean them preventing a crippling data breach.   

While approximately 60% of government IT leaders believe in the importance of modernizing infrastructure within their agencies, cloud adoption has been met with resistance due to a lack of confidence and understanding in private sector organizations to secure sensitive data and mission critical applications.  

The Cost of Not Transitioning to the Cloud 

However, just like the legacy purchasing behaviors, legacy technology and policies are sticking around which create visibility gaps. In fact, on-premise and cloud threat management tools with inadequate policy and authentication practices are unceasingly the culprit of security breaches which have exposed mass amounts of sensitive data left unprotected on declining infrastructure.  

The Battle of SLED Decision Makers

This past March, Gartner ran a webinar titled, “The Future of the CIO Role”.  The reason I am referring to this session by Gartner in particular is because one of the key take away from their webinar, was how much the role of technical decision maker has changed.  They not only have to battle the risks associated with their tech, but they also have to balance early adoption vs trusted adoption and steer the organization in the right direction.   This is especially true for government and educational decision makers who are up against the same battles of risks vs adoption, but they are also challenged by making sure that they can identify an implementation partner that understands the very landscape that makes SLED accounts unique.

MSPs for Speeding Up SLED’s Move to the Cloud 

Now more than ever, the role of the CSP or MSSP (Cloud or Managed Security Provider) has become critical for any organization, but one that understands the SLED world becomes even more crucial – as they become champion, trusted advisor and modern IT accelerator.  SLED decision makers recognize that their  internal process may slow down adoption therefore  embrace the support of a knowledgeable CSP/MSSP that will arm them with the strategy and trust needed to  move away from the ineffective, central management of traditional data centers, and advance their operations with cloud first strategies, that will protect their existing investments.  

These thought leaders understand the scalability, agility and next generation capabilities they seek can only be achieved through infrastructure modernization which transforms their operations to hybrid and multi cloud architectures that empower their employees to expedite change and maintain control of security as they reduce capital expenditures. 

Still, project timelines lag due to lack of experience and the hurdles of migrating data within legacy systems and 40% of IT decision makers estimate it will take three or more years to implement Zero Trust and encrypt all their data.  

Unbound-Wavestrong to Better Cater to SLED Security Needs 

Unbound Security and Wavestrong have partnered to empower state and local government agencies to overcome these transformation obstacles to accelerate their journey to the cloud and adopt next generation encryption capabilities that allow them to unleash their teams to focus on innovation. 

Wavestrong delivers cloud information and security consulting services that assist IT leaders with navigating the complexity of planning, design, implementation and the management of securing data. Integrating solutions with Unbound Security’s CORE orchestration platform powered by MPC (multiparty computation), agencies can unify the management of their various key stores into a universal, single pane of glass architecture to create, manage, and automate cryptographic operations anytime, anywhere supported by quorums of approvals with full audit and reporting capabilities. 

Learn more about Unbound’s CORE Cryptographic Orchestration Reimagined for the Enterprise in this whitepaper

Together, Wavestrong and Unbound bring state and local government agencies, as well as education facilities full circle to swiftly move forward to cloud agnostic architectures that deliver backwards compatible support for legacy applications while securely adopting and managing next generation capabilities into the future.