CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault

UKC can be used to provide enhanced key protection to the CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault.

More information about the Password Vault can be found here.

Use the following steps to prepare UKC for integration with the CyberArk vault:

  1. Install the UKC cluster including an Auxiliary server.
  2. Create a partition for the CyberArk vault server.
  3. Change the user’s password.

    A blank password is not allowed by CyberArk.

  4. Install and configure the UKC client (Windows server).

For more information on UKC, see the UKC Users Guide.

The following configuration is needed on the CyberArk server:

You must update the hosts file so that the Unbound Entry Point server name can be used instead of the IP address.

  1. Add these lines to the dbparam.ini file:

    AllowNonStandardFWAddresses=[{HSM IP Address}],Yes,{port}:inbound/tcp,{port}:outbound/tcp

    PKCS11ProviderPath={Path to ekmpkcs11.dll}

  2. Stop the vault that is using the PrivateArk server.
  3. Run the following command-line:

    CAVaultManager SecureSecretFiles /SecretType HSM /Secret {the password of the user’s partition}

  4. Reopen the dbparam.ini file and verify that a new parameter was added called HSMPinCode.
  5. To generate a new key for the server, stop the CyberArk service and run the following command. It creates a new AES key on the assigned partition and returns the key generation keyword, such as HSMClosedHardware Security Module - a physical computing device that safeguards and manages digital keys for strong authentication and provides cryptoprocessing#1.

    CAVaultManger GenerateKeyOnHSM /ServerKey

  6. A new AES key should be created with the following description “Cyber-Ark Server Key”. Check that it exists by running the following command:

    ucl list

  7. Run the following command, replacing <HSMkeyword> with the keyword generated in step 5.

    ChangeServerKeys PathToKeys PathToEmergencyFile <HSMKeyword>

  8. Open the dbparam.ini file and change the ServerKey entry. Use the keyword from the previous step.


  9. Start the vault using the PrivateArk server to verify that the server is using the new keys.