Backup Tab

To back up the system or to inspect and manage its previous backups, Root SOClosedSecurity officer - UKC partition administrator role. ˃ Configuration ˃ Backup.

The Backup page:

  • Lists backups that were done in the past.
  • Allows creating a new backup.

Create Backup

Avoid adding, deleting, or changing the key material in the CORE if the backup is in progress.

The Create Backup implements the Manual Backup Quickstart step.

Prerequisites: One-time Automatic Backup Settings in the selected pair of EP and Partner servers producing Backup Info File on both servers.

In the CORE cluster deployment, the Backup Info File(s) must be located in the EP (and its partner) that serves the current UI session.

Backup is done simultaneously on both servers. The backup runs in the background. Moving from the Backup page does not stop the backup. To check the backup result, return to the Backup page and examine the result logged in the State column. In case of an error, examine the root cause by clicking the Show Info next to the backup record.

To cancel the backup in progress, click the Delete command next to the backup record.

Backup Commands

Backup commands are:

  • Show Info.
  • Presents detailed info regarding the backup, including:

    • The original location of the EP backup file on the EP server and its name.
    • The name of the EP server where the file is located (applicable in the multi-pair cluster case).
  • Delete.
  • Deletes the backup record from the CORE database.

    The corresponding backup archives in the Database Backup Folder are not deleted.