UI Panes and Icons

UI Panes

CORE UI Web page is comprised of three main panes:

  • TOCClosedTable of Content. The left pane in the Web UI. pane - located on the left side of the page. It is the main navigation pane that controls content in the Central pane.
  • Top pane - allows user self-management and provides the system status.
  • Central pane - presents the selected data and the relevant commands.
  • Note
    In most cases, the page shows a table of TOCClosedTable of Content. The left pane in the Web UI.-specific items. Each row shows a subset of settings and is terminated by the [] symbol. To present the rest of the settings and perform commands, click the [] symbol.

    UI Panes

    To narrow the presented list, use the search button. You can specify a sub-string of any element that appears in the table.

The Top Pane Icons

The top pane provides the following functions:

  • Navigate to one of the inherited partitions.
  • It is visible to the Root SOClosedSecurity officer - UKC partition administrator role. only. It allows navigating to the inherited partitions (see Part-inherit) and back to the Root partition. Click the button and select the desired partition from the drop-down list. UI focus switches to the selected partition.

  • Credentials and Logout presents the following functions for the user:
    • Change Password
    • Logout
  • The icon and button presents the current system status:
    • Green light - all servers are in-service.
    • Red light - at least one of the servers is not in-service.

    To inspect the individual server status:

    • Click the icon
      → The schematic map of a cluster appears.
    • Hover over the required server.
      → The drop-down button appears.
    • Click the button.
      → The command list appears.
    • Click the Get Info command.
      → The server info appears

Other Icons

  • ❶ - Red badges in the TOCClosedTable of Content. The left pane in the Web UI. pane indicate alerts in the corresponding area. A number shown in the badge indicates the number of items that require attention.
  • To navigate to the alert message, click the TOCClosedTable of Content. The left pane in the Web UI. item with the alert badge. The affected items in the presented table are shown in red. For the list of alerts - see Alerts.

  • - Search. To reduce the list of items, enter a characters that appear in any column of the presented item.
  • ↑↓ - Arrows. Use it to sort the list in ascending or descending order.
  • Two types of badges indicate help:
    • The ?-badge is a link to the corresponding CORE User Guide.
    • The i-badge brings a tip or help popup.
  • - Refresh UI data refresh button is located on the right edge of the page.

Working with Tabular Data

The CORE UI lists objects of the selected type in tabular format showing their attributes in the dedicated columns. User may reduce the set of attributes by clicking the Select columns button and specifying the required ones. In addition, it may sort the list according to a particular attribute an filter the list according to some pattern.