The CORE Web UI is designated for CORE Root and partition SOs. It is QA-approved for the Chrome browser.

UI Sign-In

To access CORE web UI, navigate your web browser to the following URLs:

https://<EP>[:<EP Bootstrap port>]/login.

→ the Login page Appears

User sign-in options

If your browser must validate the certificate presented by the CORE server, add the CORE trust certificate (root_ca) to the set of trust certificates used by the browser. See Prepare Browser for Server-side Certificate Validation.

The UI login page has the following features:

  1. Select the CORE partition. It displays one of the following options:
  2. Displays the Remember me check-box. Enabling this option allows you to:
    • Interrupt your current UI session, return to it later, and pick up from where you left off.
    • Use the browser's page-refresh button to refresh the data presented by UI:
      • If the "Remember me" is selected - the page is refreshed.
      • If the "Remember me" is not selected, you are logged out.
  3. Displays the authentication options:

After the partition's user is authenticated, the browser presents: