Trust, security, and privacy in the digital era are becoming ever more critical and more complex, with expanding cloud and multi-cloud usage, massive data growth, and information sharing across the globe. Point solutions or enhancements are not sufficient to address new security and privacy challenges: the very foundation of how we secure information has to change.

At Unbound we strive to enable security and privacy by fundamentally changing how secrets such as cryptographic keys and private data are created, stored, and used. Our Distributed Trust Platform delivers a new model of trust based on splitting secrets across multiple entities, with a strong yet elastic and agile pure-software platform that protects secrets always and anywhere, even when the underlying infrastructure is untrusted.

It’s because of our strong belief in this need for fundamental change that we are especially proud of the recent recognition of our innovation, in three awards we won in the past month.

A winning month for Unbound Security!

Unbound Security has received 3 significant prizes this month, in recognition of our groundbreaking solution for protecting secrets in a connected digital environment.

Prime Minister’s Award for Israeli Innovation

We are proud to receive the Prime Minister’s Award for Israeli Innovation.Presented by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the award recognizes Unbound for its strides in protecting data and private information in today’s increasingly interconnected digital landscape. At the ceremony, PM Netanyahu highlighted Unbound’s vital contribution of building trust in an untrusted digital world. The award was granted to promising Israeli startups with three chosen from 300 applicants. Companies were based on criteria including global business potential and impact on humanity.

Hong Kong Fintech Week – Demo Pitch Competition

Across the world, we had the opportunity to showcase Unbound’s solutions for fintech and blockchain security: On behalf of Unbound, Rebecca Aspler won the Demo Pitch Competition at Hong Kong Fintech Week for our Crypto Asset Security Platform (CASP), leveraging MPC – multi-party computation to protect crypto assets using mathematical formulas.  In her pitch Rebecca noted, “Unbound CASP is the most mature solution providing ledger-agnostic and platform-agnostic solutions for the blockchain industry.”

Cyber Defense Global Award

Last but not least, Unbound is the Next Gen Cryptography winner of the Cyber Defense Global Award. The coveted recognition honors cyber defense and information security innovators
with a unique and compelling value proposition for people, products, and services. Avner Mor, CEO of Unbound commented “Unbound is transforming trust for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations. Unbound harnesses the power of multiparty computation (MPC) to answer today’s most pressing protection issues that can result in devastating data loss and theft. This award underscores our commitment and progress toward the goal of enabling organizations to break free from today’s security and privacy limitations.”

Security and Privacy Challenges Today and Tomorrow

The global recognition of Unbound’s solution demonstrates the significant need that still exists in our seemingly saturated cybersecurity market. Unbound’s software-based solutions address not only current industry challenges such as data protection and privacy, trusted identity and blockchain security, but are also agile and future-ready for challenges yet unseen.