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Blockchain Key Management Gains Traction at Ethereal Summit NY

We’re going places!

Michael DiPetrillo, Senior Director of Blockchain Technologies at VMWare, mentioned Unbound in his informative presentation at Ethereal Summit NY 2019, “It’s All About Trust.”

DiPetrillo defines and refines the concept of “trust” for blockchain, and emphasizes the importance of  trust in 3 distinct areas:

  • Decentralized nodes (on-prem, multiple clouds, etc.) – in as many places as possible – traditional databases, even with many players, rely on one admin to make changes to one source and silo of information. As more and more industries understand the importance of keeping data in multiple clouds, or in combination on-prem/cloud, making sure your nodes are as distributed as possible helps in preventing the issue of one single point of compromise.
  • SMPC for decentralized key management – That’s where we come in! Few blockchain providers and developers realize that cryptographic key management – the lynchpin of traditional enterprise data security systems – remains a major player in blockchain security as well. With blockchain, the cryptographic keys themselves are the asset; for more on this, check out our article here about different forms of cryptographic key management for blockchain. DiPetrillo also notes that key management includes the importance of backup keys, as was illustrated with the QuadrigaCX scandal earlier this year.
  • Trusting the code behind your blockchain – Ethereum changed the way we view blockchain by introducing the idea of smart contracts, where the code is critical to the success of a transaction. In general, we at Unbound Security encourage every vendor – blockchain-based or otherwise – to make sure they follow code-signing best practices.

We’re thrilled to see a major player in the tech sphere recognize the importance of key management and security at scale – and we’re proud to be a part of the movement to protect sensitive data in zero-trust environments.

Click above to watch the talk, and keep an ear out for Unbound!

Special thanks to Michael, VMWare, and our Solution Architect, Raz Gerber, for making this mention a reality.