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Archax, London-based institutional, digital securities exchange and Unbound Security recently hosted an event together, “Digital Assets in Capital Markets: The Challenge of Safe Custody”.

Tokenizing traditional assets is particularly interesting in the post-trade space, as blockchain can remove friction and middlemen, whilst streamlining processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs – and delivering the potential of real-time, instantaneous settlement.

But with digitization on blockchain comes certain challenges too – particularly around custody, where there have been numerous well-reported security breaches of crypto exchanges, with keys and assets stolen.

Key areas that covered at this event include:

  • Why safe crypto custody has been such an issue historically
  • The limitations of current hot/warm wallet solutions
  • Cold storage – safe, but impractical

Check out Prof. Yehuda Lindell’s presentation, Speed & Security in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, which explores the limitations of current hot and cold wallet custody solutions, as well as explain how the latest revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics around Multiparty Computation (MPC) can allow keys to be secured without ever being exposed, thus ensuring digital assets are safe – anytime, anywhere.

Check out Archax CTO Andrew Flatt’s presentation, which discusses different ways to secure custody of digital assets and the pros and cons of each. Andrew also introduces Archax’s own custody platform, and how it uses SMultiparty Computation via Unbound to secure it.

Check out the interactive panel discussion about tokenization, and what tokenization can bring to capital markets.