World class security provider adds Unbound’s multi-party computation based cryptographic solutions

New York, NY – (November 30, 2020), Unbound Security, leader in cryptographic key management and protection solutions designed for an increasingly interconnected world, today announced that signing of an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with Stealth Solution, a Seoul Korea based, FinTech service provider and value-add reseller, who is shifting the way financial institutions secure and privatize their digital assets.

“Stealth Solution exclusive partnership with Unbound Security enables us to offer their Secure Multiparty Computation based cryptographic platform throughout the Korean marketplace.” Stated, HG Wang, president at Stealth Solution. “With Unbound we are expecting to provide our customers with the new paradigm of next generation vHSM from traditional HSM and world-leading intelligent security management system.”

This strategic partnership enables Stealth the exclusive right to supply and service Unbound’s Multiparty Computation (MPC) based key management platform to their clients and prospects across Korea.  The fully embedded platform which can be used to secure assets, information and identity is 100% software and supports all types of infrastructure no matter the OS, on-premise or cloud scenario with cooperation across any device, anytime anywhere.

Prof. Yehuda Lindell, co-founder and chief executive officer at Unbound Security commented, “Our collaboration with Stealth reflects the emphasis that financial institutions and enterprises are putting on proven cryptographic security. This exclusive agreement, joining our trusted key management platform with Stealth’s comprehensive security knowledge and expertise, delivers the most cutting-edge, all in-one platform to manage cryptographic keys anywhere.”

Unbound’s advanced cryptographic key management platform is currently protecting the 3 largest banks in the United States, 9 of the largest global banks, as well as is the de facto solution for many Fortune 500 companies.  This tenure will allow Stealth to confidently implement and service any client looking to add the MPC-enabled Unbound platform for protecting all their digital assets.

“By partnering with Unbound, Stealth Solution is able to exclusively introduce their highly trusted cryptographic key management platform to protect digital assets with not only Korean domestic top-tier banks including big tech companies but also with the Financial and Government Authorities to lead security industry.” added, M Jay Kang, chief executive officer Stealth Solution.

We are proud to strengthen our relationship with Stealth and make them our signature service partner in Korea.”  Stated, Rocco Donnino, vice president of strategic alliances at Unbound Security “Together we will be equipped to respond to the security needs of banks and enterprise clients who understand the proven benefits of adopting MPC and next-generation authentication from Unbound.”

To learn more about Unbound and their partnership with Stealth, please read their recent article here.

About Unbound Security
In a world moving towards everything encrypted, signed, and authenticated, secure and operationally efficient cryptographic infrastructure is an absolute must for enterprises. Unbound Security’s solutions leverage the latest in MPC technology and have been selected to secure many of the world’s largest banks and Fortune 500 companies. With a headquarters in New York and an international headquarters in Israel, Unbound Security and its CORE platform provides the cryptographic infrastructure to enable enterprises worldwide to easily secure and manage all their information and digital assets. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About Stealth Solution
In the 4th industrial revolution and digital era, the need for private information management, convenience and reliable technology protection are paramount. The ever-changing modern society requires a data sovereignty that is directly managed by the users themselves rather than service providers or third parties. Stealth Solution is an innovative, intelligent security platform company leading the personal information protection industry through a paradigm shift of digital assets and network security. Stealth Solution technology is essential in this new era, as it strives to lead a new generation by providing a platform to safely store and transmit personal information and digital assets. Learn more at