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Users can test an interactive demo of the only FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated software-based cryptographic key protection & management solution

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PETACH TIKVAH, IsraelMay 7, 2020 — Unbound Security announced today the release of its Next Generation virtual Hardware Security Module (vHSM), the first and only FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validated cryptographic module that is not dependent on underlying physical infrastructure. Additionally, users eager to get a glimpse of how the vHSM works behind the scenes can download the vHSM and test it out for themselves.

Organizations wanting to embrace the benefits of virtualized and cloud computing environments, such as flexibility and scalability, while perpetuating a trust-worthy enterprise-grade level of cryptographic security can now turn to the Unbound Next Generation vHSM®. Eliminating the single point of failure, the vHSM provides a mathematical guarantee without compromising on the functionality, flexibility and benefits of software. By migrating to the vHSM, organizations gain additional benefits that were previously unattainable with traditional HSMs:

  • Business Agility: the vHSM requires minimal efforts to setup, use and maintain.
  • Scalability: scale up and down instantly to support any level of capacity in a matter of minutes.
  • Platform and Environment Agnostic: the vHSM can run in any environment and in any geolocation. Environments are automatically synchronized and so the administration of keys is straightforward.
  • Developer Ease of Use: the vHSM supports all standard cryptographic libraries (PKCS11, KMIP, CNG, OpenSSL, Java crypto, etc.) and also includes a simple and modern REST API, as well as broad cryptographic support, including advanced techniques like PII protection via tokenization and format-preserving encryption.
  • Compliance: The Unbound virtual HSM is FIPS 140-2 Level 1 and 2 certified, with Level 3 design assurance.
  • Lower TCO: by eliminating the need to purchase additional single-purpose hardware, the vHSM allows organizations to reduce cost of maintaining and deploying HSMs.

“Cryptography, at its core, is the foundation of any security infrastructure – by protecting cryptographic keys, you protect sensitive data, applications, and ultimately people,” said Prof. Yehuda Lindell. “The Unbound Next Generation vHSM is entirely novel in that it completely eliminates the need for physical infrastructure to protect cryptographic keys without sacrificing any of the security standards that is required in today’s computing environments.”

For organizations committed to both the strictest levels of security, and digital innovation unencumbered by the restrictions of traditional key protection methods, the Unbound NextGen vHSM® can enable efficient hybrid cloud key management, database encryption, code signing, and more.

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