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Unbound CORE is agnostic – able to run over any platform and cloud provider. With exclusive benefits and insights, Unbound’s technology partners are equipped to better serve the customers and growing the business.

Technology partners leverage the collaboration with Unbound’s solutions based on groundbreaking technology and further differentiate your organization from the competition.

Discover how multinational technology and industry-leading organizations partner together with Unbound’s multiparty computation (MPC) technology to deliver complete solutions with advanced security, optimized performance and experience. For the first time, security-minded organizations, both on-site and in the cloud environments, can control, manage, and protect secrets across any distributed infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

Unbound is committed to the strong relationship with its technical partners in giving their customers a robust network of security solutions without the complexity of having to manage multiple suppliers and service interfaces. The end-user gets the full benefits of premium technology and support levels at the most economical rates so that our technology partners can succeed in doing what they do best.

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Blue Key
Partner Concierge
A Dedicated Account Manager & Sales Engineer is there whenever needed. We work together to ensure customer success and achieve strategic growth.
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Sales Enablement
Take advantage of competitive analysis and research, advance product information, business planning & consulting, sales kits, and other materials that aim to increase business revenue.
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Marketing Opportunities
Awareness building with joint marketing activities, from social media, networking events & webinars, press releases, and united content. We also provide partner certifications for sales and technical teams.
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Technical Support
24/7/365 technical support, online technical training, access to partner technical Knowledge Base, full documentation for each product line and use cases.

Trusted by Companies Just Like Yours

"Venafi is excited to collaborate with Unbound as they help customers secure machine identities independent of location, cloud, and hardware. This agility provides our customers with the speed and freedom needed to architect a Machine Identity Management strategy today. "
  • Kevin Bocek Vice President of Security Strategy and Threat Intelligence at Venafi.
"The decision to go “key less” using MPC technology was based on Liquid’s requirement to both improve security and service levels for our clients. With Unbound we have a world class partner that is committed and responsive, further enabling us to establish Liquid as a leader in the field of the management of cryptographic assets. The partnership has enabled us greater scalability and reliability as we migrated our entire wallet infrastructure to use Unbound’s MPC powered platform and the results have been clear – improved service levels and material increase in crypto AUM at Liquid. "
  • Seth Melamed Chief Operating Officer, Liquid Group Inc.
"Our partnership with Unbound enables us to further accelerate the pace of digital innovation in providing our clients with a proven secured solution for the authentication and protection of their digital assets. Unbound’s Key Orchestration Platform coupled with our world-class financial services and solutions deliver seamless integration that empowers business growth no matter how complex their infrastructure"
  • Armand Widjaja Chief Executive Officer, Akar Inti Technology
"CipherTrace  currently serves leading banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital asset businesses and regulators. We’re excited to partner with Unbound to bring our cryptocurrency risk scoring, intelligence, and real-time asset tracking to the institutions which need it most: mainstream financial services institutions and global banks with complex regulatory and compliance requirements to fill. "
  • Stephen Ryan Chief Operations Officer at CipherTrace
"Transacting in today’s digital and increasingly remote world means that companies have to ensure they implement comprehensive, dependable digital security solutions that protect employees’ identities and company transactions and assets. Our clients want the best in data and information security. Our collaboration with Unbound enhances our ability to deliver a proven multi-party computation (MPC) based digital asset management solution for our middle market clients. "
  • Sam Auch National Blockchain and Digital Asset Team at RSM. US LLP
"Our partnership with Unbound continues to advance our ability to support customers who are looking for a proven, secure cryptographic key platform.  We look forward to the continued revenue and new business growth we can jointly achieve via our joint infrastructure and cloud offerings.  "
  •  Chad Kuhar President at Arkay, Inc. 
"Stealth Solution’s solid partnership with Unbound Security would lead and provide Secure Multi-Party Computation based Virtual HSM & Key Management System embedded as package and 100% software, multi OS, Hybrid Cloud, any device, anytime, everywhere providing candid responding “Zero Knowledge Proof"
  • JH Song Managing Director, STEALTH SOLUTION
"With the increased use of cryptocurrencies, crypto tax reporting continues to take shape. Sovos provides a platform that can seamlessly adapt to changes in reporting requirements, guaranteeing compliance for our digital asset clients while they focus on growth and adoption. "
  • Paul Banker General Manager of Tax and Regulatory Reporting at Sovos
"Blockset’s success so far has come from our unmatched ability to simplify highly-technical problems in a reliable, scalable way for the enterprise. Our partnership with Unbound expands Blockset’s leadership position by integrating its best-in-class key management solutions. Relying on Unbound’s expertise in this arena is a critical path in protecting funds for The Blockset Digital Asset Suite and its large financial customers in the fast-growing custody market.” "
  • Adam Traidman CEO and Co-Founder of BRD