Listen to Our Podcast: Is Hashgraph Better Than Blockchain?

Just when you thought you were dealing with game-changing, cutting-edge technology with Blockchain, someone has to come along and say “wait a minute…we can do better.” And that’s exactly what the folks at Hedera believe. Inventors of the Hashgraph tech, Hedera intends to make distributed consensus fast, fair, and secure.

And in case that’s not enough nerdiness for you, we’re going to kick it up a notch by introducing you to Nigel Smart. A Professor of Cryptography, Nigel lives up to his name and we discover what Multiparty Computation is, and how it can be used not only to better secure cryptos but also with wider benefits to society.

Put on your super-nerdy underoos and get ready for your synapses to be supercharged. It’s episode #278 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.