Blockchain & Innovation Mentoring Lab Podcast

Interview with Rebecca Aspler, Director of Product Management at Unbound

Episode Description

EPISODE SUM UP: Listen about blockchain for enterprise, ways to improve security in use cases like IoT, digital identity, and blockchain trends within corporations and startup worldwide.

Rebecca Aspler bio: Rebecca is leading the Blockchain product line at Unbound Security, a Multiparty Computation (MPC) security company. Before joining Unbound, was the co-founder and VP Products at Ofakim Group, Israel’s largest B2B financial risk management and cross-border payments company, protecting and transferring a monthly B2B amount of 5B USD. Prior to that role and specializing in product management for large scale cloud-based multi-enterprise software applications, she led product management groups and operations at companies such as SAP, Synerion, Teoco, and TopTier, working with various Fortune1,000 companies.

EPISODE LINKS: https://riviaspler.wixsite.com/aspler-product https://www.linkedin.com/in/riviaspler/


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