Watch Unbound CORE for Crypto Asset Protection: Security With Speed At Scale for Digital Assets

How is your organization protecting its clients’ digital assets?

If you’re a cryptocurrency or digital asset exchange, you need a platform which is fast, efficient, flexible, and secure. Unbound’s Crypto Asset Security Platform (CASP) gives you all 4 – no compromises.

How is your organization protecting its clients’ digital assets? If you’re trading or holding large amounts of digital assets, there’s a good chance that you’re struggling not only to stay secure, but also to keep up with a rapidly maturing market. You need a digital asset security solution that:

  • Enables high transaction speed
  • Is easy to operate and automate
  • Adapts as your business grows

Unbound’s Crypto Asset Security Platform, built by industry leading cryptography experts provides security with speed at scale. Take on more volume, reach more customers, and build better trust Unbound’s pure software platform allows you:

  • To combine cold wallet level security with hot wallet transaction capability
  • Define advanced and flexible approval policies for any asset – and with no limits on the number or type of approvers
  • Support new assets, services, and products and quickly capitalize on opportunities.

Unbound’s cryptographic technology is built on a FIPS 140-2 Level 2-validated virtual HSM using multi-party computation, a technology that is revolutionizing digital asset security.

A platform that is:

  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Flexible
  • And secure

Join enterprise customers already protecting over $1B worth of digital assets every day. Unbound’s Crypto Asset Security Platform – Secure Like It’s Cold. Transact Like It’s Hot.