Cryptography and Encryption Deep Dive: Understanding Key Management Risks  

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Cryptography is intrinsic to anything involving authentication and trust – not just data protection and confidentiality.  With cryptography and encryption, the key to security is the secret key or the private key. Regardless of the type of encryption there is always a secret key that must be protected from both theft and misuse.   

In this Webinar:   

In this training event, we will explain the fundamentals of cryptography and encryption, help you identify all the places where key management is happening today and walk-through key protection strategies, inclusive of how to leverage multiparty computation.  


Prof. Yehuda Lindell
CEO & Co-founder
Yehuda Lindell is a professor of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University, and a cryptographer with expertise in secure multiparty computation (MPC) that forms the technological core of Unbound’s solutions. Yehuda served as the Chief Scientist of Unbound from its inception until February 2019, when he took over the role of CEO.
Guy Pe'er
VP R&D and co-founder of Unbound Security
Guy has 20 years of experience in a variety of technologies and areas and management of development groups. For the last ten years he has been focused on security.
Randy Franklin Smith
Windows Security Subject Matter Expert, Ultimate IT Security
Randy Franklin Smith is an internationally recognized expert on the security and control of Windows and Active Directory security who specializes in Windows and Active Directory security. He performs security reviews for clients ranging from small, privately held firms to Fortune 500 companies, national, and international organizations.
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