Security and Flexibility: Taking Digital Assets to the Mainstream

Taking Digital Assets to the Mainstream WhitePaper
The past year has been undeniably marked by the entrance of professional traders and institutions into digital asset adoption.

However, there still remains several inherent security problems, and this affects almost every company holding or trading digital assets. Learn more about the next steps necessary, including infrastructure, tools & regulation, for digital assets to reach mainstream global acceptance.

In this whitepaper, you’ll deep dive into the issues preventing mass adoption of digital assets in the traditional financial space, the pros & cons of existing solutions for digital asset security, and the ideal digital asset security platform and what it would look like. 

  • The Challenge of Protecting Digital Assets – Why protecting blockchain keys is so important; transactions cannot be reversed ever.
  • Existing Protection Approaches – What’s the difference between DIY Systems, SaaS & licensed security platforms.
  • Enterprise-Grade Digital Asset Protection – Approval quorums, role-based access control, & industry-proven cryptography – why are they important?
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