Hacking the Crypto Exchange Market: Regulation and Progress in Japan and Asia

The digital asset/cryptocurrency exchange market in Japan and Southeast Asia has a long and checkered history of security vulnerabilities – but that reality is changing due to new practices in crypto asset storage.

Join Thomas Glucksmann, Vice President of Global Business Development at Merkle Science, and Prof. Yehuda Lindell, CEO and co-founder of Unbound Security, for a fireside chat on:
+ The full story of regulation in Japan – a personal recounting of the Mt. Gox collapse and how it impacted regulation from 2014 until today
+ A full-spectrum analysis of major hacks in Japan, Singapore, and South Korea – and what they mean for exchanges everywhere
+ Internal risk in digital asset exchanges, and infrastructure-based workarounds.


Prof. Yehuda Lindell
Prof. Yehuda Lindell
CEO and co-founder
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Thomas Glucksmann
VP of Global Business Development