Unbound CORE MPC Key Vault Whitepaper

Eliminate the Single Point of Failure in Your Data Infrastructure – With Software

Most enterprises have virtualized their entire data infrastructure – but still struggle to manage keys effectively with their legacy Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and other traditional key stores. This hampers organizational efficiency, security, and business growth.

In this white paper, Prof. Yehuda Lindell introduces Unbound CORE MPC Key Vault – a virtualized key management system which allows your organization to:

  • Migrate to the cloud, adopt new cloud services, and manage multi cloud and hybrid cloud environments with ease.
  • Employ edge computing to reduce potential threats to sensitive data.
  • Synchronize key management policies across multiple environments.
  • Maintain high availability at multiple key storage sites.
  • Replicate virtual environments without tricky hardware deployments.
  • Spin up new key stores on-demand.
  • Upgrade quickly and efficiently.
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