The Evolution to Hybrid Cloud/Multi Cloud.
Centralized Key Management for Any Cloud.


As our digital footprint continues to grow in the quickly expanding remote work world, more and more enterprises are being forced to adopt the hybrid cloud vs a singular cloud infrastructure. Developers and solution architects need to reduce the application re-factoring required to move to the cloud in first place, ongoing application maintenance, all while ensuring a proven method of protecting their data, transactions and identifies. Join Unbound Security’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes to understand the benefits of a cloud agnostic approach that is not limited to traditional BYOK and introduces CYOK (control your own key) – providing enhanced key control without compromising on security and scalability, while vastly improving the shift to any cloud.


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Michael Hughes
Chief Business Officer at Unbound Security
With over 20 years of software sales and executive management experience, Michael has led six different software companies to successful acquisition or IPO including Bonfire Interactive, WatchDox (acquired by IBM), and Watchfire (acquired by Blackberry). Michael’s experience in building high performance organizations and his, vast knowledge of security practices, have quickly enabled him to raise Unbound Security’s position in the market as a key management leader and security innovator.
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