On Demand Webinar

Watch The Future of Payment Security: Digital Wallet Edition

Wallet technology is evolving and traditional financial institutions entering this digital arms race to become the financial hub where the consumer begins and ends their day financially. Unlike other digital assets like consumer sales data, consumer behavior data, real time analytics data, etc., — money has its own set of critical requirements. Regulatory mandates, legal liability, consumer privacy, data security, reliability, and integrity, are all key to customer success – and security and privacy controls cannot be bolted on after the fact with these applications. Security and privacy controls MUST be built in from the inception stage of these projects or waste valuable time and money.

Join Unbound’s CEO, Prof. Yehuda Lindell, Global Sales Leader for IBM Systems Digital Assets, Peter Demeo, and BRD’s CEO, Adam Traidman as they discuss:

  • The payment sector’s unique security requirements
  • How security and regulation intersect in the digital payments industry
  • Approaches to building security into your payment architecture from the ground up