Trends and Challenges in Digital Asset Custody Adoption Webinar

Cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced an incredible spike in trading volume in 2019.

Digital asset custody is a core building block required for mainstream financial service adoption. In the upcoming future, the digital asset custody market is expected to bloom, mature, and normalize into mainstream FIS – amidst a budding regulatory landscape and understanding of how to manage and safeguard digital assets as a unique asset class. In this webinar, Sal Ternullo from KPMG and Professor Yehuda Lindell, CEO of Unbound Security will discuss trends in this period of institutional digital asset custody adoption and the challenges of this emerging sector.

Topics will include:

  • Current and predicted trends in digital asset custody
  • The ins and outs of compliance in a rapidly developing regulatory environment
  • Security needs and best practices for digital asset custody
  • Operations and infrastructure considerations for building institutional-grade custody services in a growing and maturing market
  • Centralized vs. decentralized exchanges


Prof. Yehuda Lindell popup
Prof. Yehuda Lindell
Co-Founder / Chief Scientist
Yehuda Lindell is the CEO and co-founder of Unbound Security. Yehuda is also a professor of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, and a cryptographer with expertise in secure multiparty computation (MPC) that forms the technological core of Unbound’s solutions. He has published over 100 scientific articles and authored one of the most widely used textbooks on modern cryptography. Yehuda served as the Chief Scientist of Unbound from its inception until February 2019, when he took over the role as CEO.
Sal Ternullo
Sal Ternullo
Director and co-lead of KPMG’s Cryptoasset Services
Sal Ternullo is a Director and co-lead of KPMG’s Cryptoasset Services within the Blockchain Center of Excellence. Sal is engaged on the frontline of financial disruption and FinTech with his core focus on crypto and digital assets since 2015. Drawing on his deep technical background in crypto/blockchain, cloud infrastructure, and cognitive computing, Sal helps companies across industry lines to securely and compliantly integrate core operational and technological capabilities to engage in the crypto economy.
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