Watch Our Demo On How to Sign Code Developed in Visual Studio with Unbound CORE Key Management

Sign code in Visual Studio, and protect the associated code signing certificate allowing end-users to verify that the code was not tampered with.


Unbound Key Control + the NextGen vHSM® is a software-only cryptographic key protection & management solution that doesn’t depend on underlying hardware or physical infrastructure. It supports all environments (including hybrid multi-cloud environments) and application delivery models, including VMs, Docker, and containers. All key management and user management operations are fully automated using the CLI or REST API, giving you the ability to scale up or down, create partitions and users, register clients and revoke keys immediately across your entire global infrastructure from a single plane of glass. Includes KMS, KMIP integration (among other standard cryptographic protocols), tokenization, blockchain support, is post-quantum ready and much more cost-effective than legacy HSMs.