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CORE Crypto Asset Security

Enterprise software for providing multi-party transaction approval and policy validation for banks, financial institutions, and enterprises that can accommodate any crypto asset or blockchain ledger.

Quickly adapt to new assets, services, and workflows as required by law or by market necessity with our crypto-asset security solution build for business.  Accommodate any crypto asset or blockchain ledger with multiparty transaction approvals, financial institution policy validation, and defined risk-based policies.

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Secure crypto assets and blockchain with confidence only enabled by CORE. Made for institutional investors and global enterprises, CORE eliminates the single point of failure in any chain – and provides interoperability, flexibility, and expandability to any blockchain use case.

Use Cases

Protect crypto asset exchanges and trading platforms and increase asset liquidity and volume.
Vault or Custody
Integrate advanced workflows and role-based access permissions into holding arrangements to meet any compliance or regulation requirements.
Enterprise Blockchain
Premium level blockchain protection prevents key theft and misuse and introduces interoperability to any blockchain use case.

Key Features

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Unbound Crypto Asset Security Platform (CASP) Integrations

We’ve partnered with the leading technology companies to bring
even more control and visibility into your cryptographic arsenal.

CASP integrates with BlockCypher for MPC-based node management.
Unbound integrates with BRD's Blockset wallet for MPC-based node management.
Unbound CASP integrates with CipherTrace's anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance platform to provide seamless and proactive support of an approval policy.
Hyperledger Fabric
CASP may be integrated into Hyperledger Fabric for enterprise blockchain use cases.
IBM LinuxOne
Unbound integrates with IBM's LinuxOne system's hardware-based enclaves to run signing bots and protects backup keys using LinuxOne's FIPS 140-2 Level-4 certified Hardware Security Module (HSM).
CASP integrates with Infura for MPC-based node management.

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