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CORE Identity Security

Authenticate users and machines and protect PKI – seamlessly across all locations and devices. Create virtual enclaves for mobile and for desktop with maximum security and without sacrificing the user experience.

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Enterprise Authentication Ease

Authenticate user access and identify simply and securely with CORE virtual secure enclave SDK.  Mobile, desktop, or server-side enabled – CORE keeps credentials safe even if the user’s personal device is compromised. Build virtual smartcards, protect mobile apps, and more with pure software agility.

Use Cases

mobile key
Virtual Enclave for Mobile
Integrate strong two-factor and multi-factor authentication into a mobile app – no hardware, no one-time password, no software token required.
Information Security
Virtual Enclave for Desktop
Replace traditional smartcards with virtual ones to authenticate employees and reduce operational strain and total cost of ownership.
PKI & Certificate Protection
Protect machine and human electronic identities and the root certificate authority which oversees them.

Key Features

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Advance Your Authentication and PKI with CORE

Protecting PII with maximum security, best user experience.