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CORE Virtual Hardware Security Module

Deploy advanced application workflows across your entire enterprise – and keep track of it all with one single, unified interface.

HSMs Reimagined

Eliminate the single point of failure of cryptography and quickly deploy company-wide policies for key usage.  The CORE vHSM provides comprehensive tamper-resistant audit logging and implementation flexibility to manage keys for all purposes and in all places – in HSMs and virtual HSMs, on endpoints and mobiles, for encryption, signing, authentication, and digital assets – from a single console.


Built in Trust
All cryptographic keys are split into multiple parts using MPC technology – removing any entry point for a malicious actor to use or steal data.
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Enforce Consistent Security Policies
Ensure that key usage remains the same no matter which team is carrying out an operation, where they are, or where the keys are stored.
Audit and visabillity
Tamper-Resistant Audit Logs
Auditing based directly in the cryptographic layer of the Virtual HSM prevents tampering – and is built with compliance in mind

Key Features

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